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Athletic Gaines, Las Vegas, is the flagship athletic performance training center of Travelle Gaines, nationally recognized as the preeminent athletic trainer in the United States. Travelle and his staff have trained hundreds of top professional athletes across all major sports leagues, including the NFL, NBA and MLB. At Athletic Gaines, Las Vegas we offer the very best in athletic performance training for all ages, sports and overall peak physical conditioning. Our 18,000 square foot facility offers it all: indoor turf for speed and agility training, state-of-the-art equipment complemented by full service on-site physical therapy, hydration and supplement station for complete performance nutrition, yoga/stretching and athletes' lounge.



Learn about the passion, performance and results that make Athletic Gaines the training
home for professional athletes each year.


The environment created at Athletic Gaines is second to none, there are no days off at this gym. Working out with elite athletes keeps you on your toes daily and forces you to push your limits every rep.

Antonio Brown

Going into the combine I was both nervous and excited, I dealt with a lot of adversity and criticism. Athletic Gaines put together a plan for me to gain 25lbs of lean muscle while running the fastest time I have ever run at the combine. If it was not for Athletic Gaines, I would have not been a top 3 selection in the draft.

Dion Jordan

I have trained with Travelle since I entered the NFL draft in 2009, he has always been in my corner and he has pushed me to become the player I am today.

Lesean McCoy

My first year in professional football quickly taught me the importance of recovery. Preparing for this upcoming season in the weight room was no different. Athletic Gaines Nutrition Post Recovery shake helped me recover daily from the intense workouts.

Bobby Wagner

Athletic Gaines is like a family. There is over 100 Years of NFL knowledge at any given time walking in the gym. As a rookie the lessons learned on the white board and on the turf in that gym is priceless.

Kyle Long

Needing to drop 23 pounds I had to change my nutrition juristically. My dietician instructed me on how to eat clean to do so. Two workouts a day can be exhausting all summer. Athletic Gaines Nutrition Pre-Workout fueled my workouts and gave me the natural energy to be able to perform every last rep!

Lamar Houston

I decided to change my body and my conditioning this off season, so I spent this summer working out at Athletic Gaines were I was able to drop my body fat in half and I feel the most explosive, leanest and conditioned I have ever been in my life

Harrison Barnes